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[Review] Dean Koontz: 77 Shadow Street

77 Shadow Street is a building in Shadow Hill - but not any building. It is a very old, very expensive hotel known as the Pendleton. Its many high-luxurious apartments are inhabitated by some of the most popular and most known people of the world - famous singers, actors, or factory owners. 
But the Pendledon got a secret: Every 38 years, for a until now unknown reason, past und future begin to mix with the present, and every human being in the Pendleton is transportet in the dangerous past, and in the even more dangerous future, in which the Pendleton is the only building that remains of humankind...

My Opinion:
I had a loong reading lull before I started this book, which was my first book during my New Zealand journey. Because of that, I expected it to be damn good. But no - I almost fell back into the lull because of it. 

I once read "The Mask" of Dean Koontz, which I liked very much. That's why I grabbed this book in the first place. But different to that book, "77 Shadow Street" was unnecessarily long and it took an eternity until suspension started. I think it is because the author created a huge amount of main characters (every inhabitant of the Pendleton) and repeated one single happening from almost every point of view.

Did you read "Under the Dome" of Stephen King? That's what came to my mind when I read this book. It was too much to keep the suspension, if even there, up. 

Furthermore, it was a bit "too creative". How should I say it... on one hand it was very goodly creative, good and imaginable descriptions, right amound of horror and chills (exterminate, exterminate). But on the other hand, the solution of everything was just. too. much. It was absurd and strange, and way TOO creative. Hard too explain - but it read like the author got mad while writing and entangled himself in conspiracy theories about his own story.

All in all, it was not a bad book - i wouldn't call it that. But ist was whether exciting nor extraordinarily thrilling, or even comprehensible. It contained too much of everything - lenght and creativity.

Sorry für mein schlechtes Englisch... da ich gerade nur englische Bücher lese dachte ich, ich versuche mich auch an englischen Rezensionen dazu. Ist im Moment nur ein Experiment :)

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  1. Ich finde es toll, dass Du dich mit einer anderen Sprache versuchst. Nutze bitte nie den Google übersetzter....der Übersetzt meist die Grammatik nicht richtig....weiter so.

    1. Dankeschön :) Man lernt eben eine Sprache eben nur richtig wenn man sie praktiziert... in Wort und Schrift


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